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Ms. Fatty & Boris

Aww, he was so cute & sweet when we first saw him at 6 weeks old.

Little did we know how naughty he would be when we finally got him home!


Ms. Fatty has been the queen of the house for 7 years, so she had a hard time adjusting to the new pup.


Ms. Fatty trying to get a few peaceful moments to herself.


Here is Boris at his best behavior!


This is his typical naughty behavior.

He loves biting feet and ears and ripping up little pieces of paper.







It's been awhile since I added pictures here. Now Boris is a year old, and he's a giant tubba-tubby dog! Here are some photos from 3/02. Now I just have to get Ms. Fatty to set still for some photos. She's like a disagreeable super-model when it comes to taking her picture!