Water spirits have long
been a mystery.
Stories of beautiful
mermaids drawing boats
towards rocks with their
singing have been told
for centuries.

But anyone who is not afraid
of truely believing in mermaids,
knows that these stories are
not true at all.

Mermaids are kind and loving.
Yes,they do love music,
and they are wonderful
singers, but they would never
harm humans.

Unless,of course,
someone deserved it.

They love humans, but they know
the trouble that humans can bring,
so they keep a safe distance.
~ ~ ~ ~

Mermaids are the guardians and avengers of women.

They can predict storms and future events.

Some can even grant wishes

They are great teachers of wisdom and knowledge

Water spirits can replenish our energy.
They refresh and renew our spirits

Why do you think so many people
are drawn to the sea shore for
vacation every year?

It's a natural instinct

The earth and our own bodies are made
up mainly of water. Water is very
essential to our existance.

Water is a symbol of creation
and purification.
~ ~ ~ ~

Undines are usually female.

The Undines work to
awaken our deepest

They stimulate our
compassion and

They want us to enjoy life to
the fullest. Just like guardian
angels, each of us has an undine
to watch over our life.

They will often appear to us in our dreams. Listen for their secret message to help guide you through your life.

~ ~ ~

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Goddesses of the Sea

~ Cliodna ~
~ (kleenah) ~ was a Tuatha sea goddess who took the form of a bird, which symbolized the afterlife. She was the ruler of the waves.It was said that every ninth wave embodied her, and broke higher and stronger than any of the other waves. The rocky Irish landmark'Tonn Cliodhna' is named for her.

~ Dubh Lacha ~
~ ~ was an early Irish goddess of the sea. Some say her name eventual became the name that 'Dublin' came from.

~ LeFay ~
~ ~ She was the goddess of the Isle of Avalon. She was a well known healer. Water that was blessed by her was said to cure any sickness.

~ Liban ~ ~ ~ She was a faery queen. Her name means 'beautiful woman' She guarded Ireland's sacred wells.She was able to shape shift into a salmon, a symbol of wisdom. Her faithful faery dog would change into an otter, and they would swim the sea together.

Aphrodite,the goddess of love, was also honored as 'Queen of the Sea'

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Photo Credits:
'The Mermaid' and 'The Waterbaby' "The Nymphs' 'The Siren' painted by John Waterhouse
'Kewpies' postcard by Rose O'Neill
Statue of babe on fish from Toscano catalog
Picture of 2 mermaids by Stephen Mackey
Sea baby etch from 'The Waterbabies' written by
Charles Kingsley,drawing by Jessie Wilcox Smith