To enter the Sifra,
you must circle around the secret tree, nine times, at midnight,
when the moon is full !
~ ~ ~

If you are clever enough to enter
the faeries' home, you will see
beautiful palaces made of golden
pathways and walls of pearls and diamonds.

But you must never tell another
human what you have seen here.

Have you ever had a faerie encounter?

~ Do you ever see something move out of the corner of your eye when nothing is there?
~ Do small things disappear,or have they been unexplainably moved?
~ Do you ever suddenly smell flowers or the out doors when neither are near?
~ Do you ever suddenly get chills or goosebumps for no reason?

If any of these have happened to you, then you have had a faerie encounter !

Many years ago, humans use to sing, pray and hold feasts
to honor Mother Nature and her children - 'The Fae'
But as civilization grew, we lost touch with nature,
and with the Fae. But they are still there.
By the woods and the streams and gardens, hiding and waiting.
Waiting for the right person to come along and believe again.
If you believe and let the Fae into your life,
you will be letting happiness and fun into your life.

And what is wrong with a little fun ? Just be careful, some of the Fae can be very naughty, and they could get you into some trouble.

How can you bring the Fae into your life??
Spend time in nature, walk thru the park
on the weekends, or just sit in your yard
for a bit, a fae may follow you home.

If you can't get outdoors, buy fresh
flowers or plant a small windowbox
garden and dedicate it to the fae !!

Play music, and sing, laugh alot and talk to yourself.
(you never know who may be listening)

This is a painting I did on the wall in my room.

The Fae like to be honored and admired for their beauty
(although they are not vain)

The Fae do not like when people lie or tell secrets
(especially secrets concerning them)

The Fae do not like messy houses
and are prone to torment people who are
messy or unorganised, by secretly making
things just a little more messy and

Fridays are special days for the Fae and they are usually seen on this day, making mischief.

Flowers and their Faeries

Buttercup ~
This flowers' faeries
help to bring compassion
to humans. They bring
healing energy and
Use this flower to
rediscover yourself.

Carnation ~
These faeries bring deep love.
They help to strengthen the aura,
and renew the love of life.

Mums ~
They help to strengthen the life force.
They will help you to express yourself
more lovingly.

Daffodil ~
This flower faerie is good for inner beauty. Let it help you with meditation and clarity of thought.

Daisy ~
This is the best flower to use to connect to the Faeries. You will always find a bunch of them around daisies. The daisy will help you to awaken and use your creativity and your inner strength.

Gardenia ~
These bring feelings of peace and protection. These flower faeries are very protective of children, so plant Gardenias in places where children play,so the fae will watch over them.

Honeysuckle ~
Will help to stimulate dreams and your psychic energy. These Fae will teach you how to develop your "charms" to draw others to you.

Hyacinth ~
These help to restore belief. They will give you energy to overcome grief and awaken greater gentleness.

Lavender ~
Where there is lavender there is great faerie activity. These faeries bring healing, protection and help to overcome emotional blocks.

Marigold ~
These flower faeries know the magic of thunderstorms. They will teach you the power of words and the mysteries of love.

Roses ~
Roses are very special to the Fae sisters
the Angels. Roses give you a greater sense
of love and they hold the secrets of time.

White roses ~ help to develop spiritual purity

Red roses ~ Are good for love and fertility

Pink Roses ~ are for new life and a symbol of
a new beginning

Yellow roses ~ these Fae help you to express the truth

Violet ~
The violet is the home of the Fae Queen.
Pick the first violet of spring to
invite good luck, and ask the Fae for
help in making your wish come true
within the year.


'Aibell' ~ her name means "most beautiful" She was an Irish faerie queen,who played a magical harp. Humans could not hear this harp or they would die. Her home is a large rock in Killaloe called 'DalgCais'

'Bri'~ was a faerie queen of "Tuatha De Danann"

'Cred' ~ was from Dana's Mountains. She said that she would not sleep until the most magnificent poem was written about her secret home, which of course no one could see. A man named Coll finally wrote the poem and won her love.

'Fand' ~ was a faerie once married to the sea god 'Manann'

'Fedelma' ~ had yellow hair that went past her knees, and she wore a golden dress. She prophesized Queen Maeve's victory at Ulster.

'Grian' ~ was from County Tipperary. Her name means "sunny".She is said to live under "Pallas Green Hill" in Ireland.

'Liban' ~ Her name means "beautiful woman" She guarded Ireland's sacred wells. She is able to shapeshift into a salmon, and her faithful faerie dog becomes an otter and they swim the sea together.

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